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How to Install New Bathroom Flooring Under a Toilet

How to Install New Flooring Under a Toilet Whether you’re using tile, vinyl or wood, you can use the same procedures to remove the toilet and install new flooring.  The flooring must be trimmed to fit around the drain opening. If you are raising the level of the floor, you need to raise the drain flange as well. This may require the purchase of a flange extension kit.

Turn off the toilet’s water supply line. Empty the toilet tank by flushing it several times. Disconnect the water line from the tank. Loosen the nuts from the flange bolts that secure the toilet to the floor and lift the toilet straight up. Put a small amount of newspaper into the drain to keep sewer gases from entering the bathroom.  Use a piece of paper to trace the drain opening. Transfer this to a piece of cardboard, and cut out the opening with a razor knife.

Measure the distance from the wall to the drain. Dry fit the flooring over the drain. Lay the cardboard template in position over the flooring and trace the outline. Cut the flooring along this line. Install the new flooring according to its manufacturer’s instructions.  Reinstall the toilet. Contact a professional if you need assistance.

Bathroom floor tile ideas: playing with tile elements and themes playing with tile elements and themes with the right bathroom floor tile ideas, there is no reason for your bathroom floor to be dull or boring. Perhaps you will agree with the popular belief that the bathroom is one of the best places to find some peace of mind. It is a place where you can think without actually getting stressed, as well as relax while taking a warm shower or even a nice and aromatic bubble bath. Thus, it is very important that you pay particular attention even to the smallest details—like your bathroom floor tiles.

There are a lot of bathroom floor tile ideas for you to choose from to transform your bathroom floor from drab and dull to cozy and interesting. Here are some of them to give you a heads up. One of the factors you can play with when it comes to bathroom floor tiles is color. You actually have a wide variety of choices here. For instance, if you want to use a tiles of only one color for more uniformity and a simple look, that …

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